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                                    The Energy of 2017

The number seventeen refers to one’s path, and the fact that our paths are wide open and
ready to be traveled in a more positive and spiritual way. It signifies: responsibility,
strength and spiritual consciousness; it is about transcending old outdated habits and
beliefs. The number seven is also a very sacred number representing the seven
sacraments, seven basic Chakras, seven days of creation, seven years of plenty, the seven
virtues, seventh heaven, seven kingdoms, etc. Even though it may not seem like it, the
spirit of source will be in everything this year, you just have to be alert and present
enough to see it; eyes wide open! It is your choice to tap into this sacred energy and
attract love, abundance and peace. Since the dynamic of this year is unlike previous years,
I felt I needed to change the way I usually do this.  I am not going to doing my traditional
predictions, but rather a guide to what we need to be alert to, and doing to facilitate the
most growth and opportunity this year.

This year is all about love and acceptance. Love of self, others, county and world; and
acceptance of self and others, regardless of differences, personalities and viewpoints. We
as a country are as divided as we have been since the Civil War. Everyone is convinced
that they are right; this year is about discovering the truth, even if that means re-thinking
our beliefs. Ask yourself one question; do you want to be right, or be happy? You can’t
always have both.

We are now in a position to expose the truth; knowing what is the truth, is not as easy, or
cut and dry as we think. We have to look past our immediate needs, and expand our
understanding of a situation in order to see everything in full view. Right and wrong have
to take a back seat to the greater Divine plan. When you are on one side you are always
wrong. Understanding and acceptance of both sides brings balance.  

Things are changing at a very fast rate, our growth and learning has accelerated, and we
can’t escape the inevitable. We have been living in a vacuum for too long, and something
must give in order to expand. Consider it growing pains. We are one human race, we are
one group consciousness, and we are one spiritual family. It is time for the division to start
to heal. The first thing to do this year is to act as if you know nothing, and start new. This
is a place of openness, and a blank slate to start creating a new foundation based on truth
rather than belief. For instance: Instead of looking at your disagreeable neighbor as the
source of your aggravation, think of them as someone who may have lost their way. They
are innocent, even though their actions might be aggressive. Ignorance is not a crime; it is
just lack of knowledge and not seeing the ramifications of what one does. Bottom line,
your feelings originate inside of you; you do have control over that.

The other part of this formula is recognizing your own ignorance; this is the hardest one of
all. Often when someone is yelling, cramming or forcing their opinion on another, it means
that a part of them is not 100% convinced either. No need to prove anything if you truly
know. I like to keep an open mind, and not be too sure of my beliefs. A very wise once
woman once told me: when we argue that we are right, we are actually saying that we are
wrong. One of my favorite things to ask Spirit is “Show me something, I do not already
know”. Sometimes it is shocking and humbling to find out I was mistaken, but it has never
killed me.  

When you can get out of the little me, you will be able to see that everything is Divine in
nature, and all that happens for our highest growth, whether we like it or not. To gain
perspective, think about the chaos that happened as our universe was forming. It was an
extremely violent place, but in the process a miracle was happening. This year when events
are boiling over, take a step back and notice the miracle of creation. Goodness is always
born out of destruction; think of it as re-construction.

Another term that comes to light this year is tough love. We have gotten so far off track
that it will take painful times to right things. This type of love doesn't always feel good,
but remember it is still love. As a parent I know one of the hardest things I have had to
do, is to do right by my child, even if they did not like it. Killing with kindness is not love.
Long term empowerment is the goal for all of us. This air of dependence on parents,
government, etc. is not healthy and stunts growth. When you overdo for others, they
become complacent and expect it. It does not help to set them free. Be the support
system, but let it be alright for others to make mistakes and fail, that is how we all learn
and grow; that is accountability. Our survival instincts are strong, and we will do what is
right for us, if afforded the space and desire. Most of us do not make the changes we need
to make unless we are forced to. When it becomes too uncomfortable one will change and
do something different, you just have to wait it out, and resist jumping in and rescuing.
Also keep in mind that when you over do for another you are taking on their Karma, ten
times yours.

This year more than any other, it is paramount to keep your eye on the long term.  If you
want real substantial change then you have be willing to recognize what doesn't work in
your life anymore and put in the work in to change it. The days of the quick fix or magic pill
are gone. I can’t state that enough; it always catches up with us. It is much easier to deal
with our shadow aspects now than later. The quick fixes really never worked well anyway,
because it was always a temporary fix.  Be alert and don’t be fooled by the deception of it.
You know how the expression goes, if it looks too good to be true then it probably is not
good or lasting.

The comfy rugs are being pulled out from under us for our long term wellbeing. It is not
meant in cruelty, it comes from love, tough love. In my opinion tough love is the most
difficult to do, but it reaps the biggest rewards. Trust me; it is far easier to be a
participant, than to be forced to grow. I have had intimate experience with this process,
and it is not fun, but it always leads to somewhere better. I have had excruciating times in
my life that served a real purpose, I would not be doing what I am doing now, if it had not
been for those times, and I am grateful.

There is so much promise out there now; you can create great things this year, if you don’t
get caught up in the whirlwind. Acceptance of what is, is crucial. Trust of the Divine
processes are needed more than ever, and if you wish to create something incredible you
have to divorce yourself from being triggered by the tumultuous events of this year. Don’t
jump to conclusions and be a part of the solution rather than the cause. This means you
have to see the other side’s deeper motivations clearly. The only reason people get angry
is because they are scared of change (The unknown). Let it be okay that they are where
they are at. They need our compassion, not anger.

We have been in safe illusionary energy for many years, now things are being shaken up.
This year the energy is ripe for positive change. Use the momentum to create something
new and positive for you and others. Take a chance, and do what your heart has been
yearning for you to do. If you go at it with trust and enthusiasm, incredible things can
happen, just be open for anything. Spirit has a way of leading us exactly where we need to
be, but it may not enfold the way you thought. I always thought I knew what would make
me happy, and I was so far off the mark. Spirit just may know you better than you do.

What is needed this year is perspective. Some think it is the end of the world, others are
glad for change. Think about history and where we have been, this is nothing compared to
past events; we survived then, we will survive now.  In the grand scheme of things this is
just a bump in the road. If you choose to follow the old norm of fear based thought, you
will be swallowed up, if you dare to break out, miraculous things can happen. I am
personally very excited about this year.  I can see the possibility shinning before me. You
have two choices, stay stuck in the anger and fear, or look for the opportunity that is
waiting for you around the corner. Honestly there is enough doom and gloom on both sides
of the issues.  Loosen your heals, and flow for a while, it is so much easier and freer.

The best way to feel protected and safe is to be able to let go of what you hold so tightly.
When you watch the news it is all about what is going to take us down, this energy never
delivers you from oppression and terror, it keeps you in it. The way to be free of negative
karma is to simply step off the wheel. It does take work to be set free of old habits, but it
is so worth the effort. Make that effort this year for you and the rest of us, your greater
spiritual family.

Start to open your eyes to the light and wonder in this world.  I hear so many people say
they do not want to be American’s anymore. We have been afforded the freedom to be
what we want, and say what we want, good, bad or indifferent; this is what being
American is all about.  There are so many places in the world people do not have these
rights. Part of life is taking the good and the bad, the one can’t be exclusive of the other.  
Honesty good and bad are just perceptions, not truth. It depends on how you look at it. I
may not like some of the things that are happening right now, but there is no doubt in my
mind that they need to happen, and that goodness is behind it.  

You can expect more of the same throughout the year. The argument has to be exhausted.
The Buddhists have a saying which I love “You have to know who you are not, before you
can find out who you truly are”, well we are still figuring out who we are not, and this can
be a lengthy process, months, years, and lifetimes. I can talk about specifics for this year,
but that would not be the point. Yes, we will have more terror attacks, and yes, we will
have division and dissension in the world and government, but the point is to disconnect
from this crazy energy altogether, and get a hold of your triggers. This year is going to be
a dynamic one, this is a game changer, and I am glad for that. Your greatest challenge this
year is to embrace what you cannot control. Just remember, our future is not set in stone,
it is negotiable. If we change our energy, the world around us changes.

I want to share a dream I had this Christmas. I felt it captured the energy right now, and
showed the solution. “I was in a seating area in a mall, and I noticed two terrorists getting
ready to cause destruction with rocket launchers. I hid under a bench in fear. All of sudden
one of them saw me and came after me. Without thinking I kicked the bench in a way that
threw him across the mall. Then I got up and ran to a window ledge. I was at least six
flights up, I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach. All of a sudden a man showed up with
bright orange hair and beard, he scooped me up and we were off flying, I felt so safe in his
arms. We flew over trees and lakes and I felt completely free”.  The next day his name
came to me, Peter. This beautiful spiritual being showed me that the way out of the chaos
is to take the leap and trust, and things far beyond your dreams can manifest, “Become
grounded in the ungrounded nature of life”. It is your choice this year, stay stuck in the
mud, or fly free? I plan on flying, and I hope you do as well. Have a wonderful upcoming
year; it could be your best year yet!  

In Light & Love, Carolyn

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