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                                                   Chaos or Divine Plan?

I have tried very hard to stay out of politics, and I am not picking sides at all. I can see
valid points on each side. Right or wrong? At this point what difference does it make? All
we hear is arguing points and calling people names, very immature and fear based
behavior. Not sure I want either side to run the country. Everyone has a belief, but that
does not make it true. I have seen people make things up based on speculation, I have
seen people stretch the truth based on objectives, and I have seen people living in an
outright illusion. This refers to both sides!

If we knew all the all circumstances and nuances of a situation, our point of view might
change quite drastically. Paranoia, anger and revenge are rampant. These are the same
adults that are abhorred by children being bullied, but what are they doing to each other?
People are being beat up and killed for what they believe. Here are the hard truths: We
convict people without due process or a fair trial. This is not about Trump, people did it
with Obama too; we can do it to everyone who doesn't hold our own beliefs or values.  
We get pleasure out of taking people down, because it makes us feel justified, powerful
and right. Do we want to get our sense of power my dis-empowering others? I have been
guilty of this, we all have. Revenge can feel sweet for a moment, but what happens to our
self-respect as a result? It does not take away our discontent in the long run; it is just a
convenient excuse at the moment. It is a short term fix for what ails us. Let’s be honest
with ourselves. We have no right to pass judgement on another unless we have no issues
ourselves, which is impossible. We are an ever growing and evolving race. We all screw up,
do things we are ashamed of, and are guilty of bad judgement and ignorance. See the
humanity in other’s instead of seeing monsters.

I have my own points of view; many of them can be rooted in the lower ego, and may not
be accurate knowing my limited perception of any given issue. If you feel the need to
prove someone wrong, or feel justified in being right then you are in lower ego.  Lower ego
thoughts are rooted in anger, victimization, revenge, injustice, fear, etc. Ask yourself, how
am I to know the best long term interest of others or myself for that matter? As a human
race we learn by our mistakes and hard times. What may be happening now may be a
blessing; the ugliness is certainly all out in the open to view. Can’t heal it unless you see it.
We need to set a better example for others and our children. Wouldn't it be much nicer to
go through the day with tolerance, understanding and acceptance, doesn't that feel so
much better. Don’t be a part of the problem, be the solution. It is your choice.

The only thing I wish is that everyone have an open mind and, not close down someone
just because they belief differently. It is not bad to be wrong; it doesn't take anything
away from you. We only know what we know, until we know better. Take the time to
really listen to others, understand what motivates them, try to see yourself in them (Not
an easy task, but if they are upsetting you, they are reflecting a part of you), and have the
insight to realize that you don’t know everything. One of my favorite things to do is ask
Spirit, to show me what I don’t already know. Especially if what I know is not working
anymore. Like I say on my website, be the change you seek to find, it always starts with
one person, and the only one you have control over is you. Please take a few minutes
every day to connect to spirit when you feel like reacting to current events, and know that
everything is in the Divine plan, it couldn’t be anything else. The way to be free of Karma is
to step off the wheel.

In Light & Love, Carolyn

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